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Warrior Gateway Recognized as a 2012 Computerworld Honors Laureate!

Warrior Gateway has been recognized as a 2012 Computerworld Honors Laureate by IDG’s Computerworld Honors Program!  For more than two decades, the annual award program has honored visionary applications of information technology promoting positive social, economic and educational change.

Warrior Gateway has built the country’s largest, most accurate information exchange for the military community — the G.I. Network. With more than 220,000 listings, the G.I. Network revolutionizes the way in which the military community finds and connects with the help they need by ensuring efficient delivery of consistent information through multiple access points to increase transparency; and enables users to make better, more informed decisions.

“It is an honor for Warrior Gateway to be recognized as a 2012 Computerworld Honors Laureate by creating a world where service members, veterans and their families can find support and get consistent answers when they need it, wherever they are, and through any organization or website they trust,” said Devin B. Holmes, CEO of Warrior Gateway.

“Through robust partnerships and innovative tools, the Continue Reading

The Impact of Technology: Text Messaging to Prevent Suicide Among Young Veterans




Izzy Abbass, Commander of VFW Post 1, is a regular guest blogger for Warrior Gateway.



Unfortunately, we still lose over 18 Veterans a day to suicide across the US.  Some of these men and women are still wearing the uniform; others have been out for a short time or possibly many years.  However, one thing is common in all cases – easily accessible help may have led to a different outcome.

The Department of Veterans Affairs launched the Veterans Crisis Line four and a half years ago to help curb this epidemic.  The Crisis Line is a 1-800 number with trained counselors available 24 hours a day.  They are now up to over 1,000 calls per day and average 25 rescues a day – a rescue is when they dispatch 911 services to a veteran’s location to save a life.  This is a great service which is having significant impact within our veteran community.  But, how do we more effectively reach younger veterans?

In November, the VA took a bold step to… Continue Reading

Warrior Gateway in Austin,TX for SXSW Interactive!

Members of the Warrior Gateway team are in Austin, TX this week for the 19th Annual SXSW Interactive festival!  South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive is a five day event that will feature networking and cutting-edge technologies from around the world.  Taking place March 9-13, 2012, SXSW will feature over 2,600 speakers and a multitude of presentations and special events from industry leaders and some of the brightest minds in emerging technology.


Get in touch with our team by tweeting to Devin @WG_CEO and Serena @smajrocket, and of course @WarriorGateway, using #SXSW in the message.  We’ll be around for the whole event, and would love to hear from you!


@WarriorGateway team @WG_CEO & @smajrocket at #SXSW! Give us a shout! http://ow.ly/9xUyF