Warrior Games to provide competition and fun for wounded veterans

This May will mark the first ever Warrior Games, a national multi-sport competition for Wounded Warriors. The Games will be held May 10-14 in Colorado Springs, CO. Two hundred men and women–both veterans and active duty service members, from all branches–will compete. Events are to include track and field, swimming, shooting and archery.

“What we have to do with our servicemembers is inspire them to reach for and achieve a rich and productive future, to defeat their illness or injury, whatever lies in the way, to maximize their abilities and know that they can have a rich and fulfilling life beyond what has happened to them in service to their nation,” Cheek said.

You can read the full article at Stars and Stripes here. The Kansas City Infozine also has a good article on John Register, the wounded veteran heading up the Games, here.