Upcoming feature: Career Exploration

As we know, finding a good career is one of the big challenges for transitioning service members. Service men and women return from the military with specialized skills and leadership experience, but it is rarely obvious how to translate these skills and experience into jobs in the civilian workforce.

To help combat this problem, the Warrior Gateway’s next big effort will be a new section called Warrior Gateway Career Exploration. This section will focus on allowing you to translate your military experience into civilian terms and learning more about career fields in the civilian sector. Though we’re still refining the specifics, Warrior Gateway Career Exploration will allow you to:

  1. Translate your military skills (represented by your MOS or occupation classification) into a list of matching civilian careers
  2. Learn more about those matching careers
  3. Apply to open job postings in those career fields using Warrior Gateway Job Search

We’ll be launching this section as soon as we can; stay posted for updates. We also welcome your input — if you have any suggestions about how a Career Exploration tool would be most useful for you, please let us know!

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