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What is the Warrior Gateway?

Warrior Gateway is a non-profit whose mission is to connect individuals in the military, veterans, and their families with federal, state, and local government programs as well as non-profit organizations in their local communities. Warrior Gateway’s efforts were recognized in 2011 with the Federal Computer Week Fed-100 award for significant contributions to the Federal IT community.

Warrior Gateway:

  • Is inclusive and free to the military community
  • Eliminates information barriers and information overload
  • Is a non-profit program
  • Brings needed resources to one location – you

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The best way to find out more information about the Warrior Gateway would be to visit our website at www.warriorgateway.org.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/imaracingmom Skip Murray

    Press Release from the Genealogy Team at Families For
    Forgotten Heroes

    There are staggering numbers of veterans who are dying
    alone, homeless on the streets. Many Unclaimed Veterans are reduced to a can of
    ashes, sitting in storage on a funeral home shelf. Even if their families knew
    of their death, they couldn’t afford to bury them.

    There are groups out there who are researching the cremains in storage, trying
    to identify which ones are Veterans, and get them their proper military burial.
    One of these groups is the “Missing In America Project” http://www.miap.us/. (An amazing group that is
    also seeking volunteers to help in their mission) It is a good thing to see
    these Heroes honored and given the respect they deserve!

    There is one final piece of the story that is still missing for the lives of
    these Veterans….

    That piece is telling the Veteran’s family that their Veteran has passed away
    and / or has been buried. There are two organizations that are trying to do
    something about this nation’s epidemic of Unclaimed Veterans. Both groups seek
    to identify the Next Of Kin of Unclaimed Persons. 1 group specializes in only
    Veteran cases, the other group researches civilians and veterans. Both groups
    are working together on Veterans Day to raise awareness of Unclaimed Veterans,
    and to seek more volunteers to help us research these brave heroes, so we can find
    their families and send them home. If you are good at researching on the
    internet, you would be a valuable member to these groups. Please consider
    volunteering your time!

    Veteran’s Day Homecoming Nov 11, 2011.
    On Veteran’s Day Families For Forgotten Heroes https://www.facebook.com/familiesforforgottenheroes
    and Unclaimed Persons https://www.facebook.com/UnclaimedPersons
    will be posting several new Unclaimed Veterans cases on their forums. FFFH will
    be one of the guests Friday night on the Geneabloggers Online Radio Show hosted
    by Thomas MacEntee. This episode is entitled “Our Veteran Ancestors: Military
    Records and Genealogy”  http://www.geneabloggers.com/. Mark
    your calendars for a little volunteer work on Nov 11th to help UP and FFFH send
    this country’s Unclaimed Veterans home, while listening to the radio show! The
    online radio show will give everyone an opportunity to learn about what FFFH
    does, how we do it, and how ANYONE can help us reunite deceased veterans with
    their families.

    Skip Murray – Brainerd, MN
    Genealogy Team Leader – Families For Forgotten Heroes
    Co-Director – Unclaimed Persons

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  • Merle Crumb

    tried to set up account for VFW Post 9284 but could not get passed first step

  • Deadjeanne

    I am a 100%
    service connected disabled female Veteran, permanent & total and individually
    unemployable.  I applied for adaptive
    housing in 1986 AND I AM STILL WAITING! 
    Who in h*ll do you have to know to get anything done through the boondoggle,
    aka the Veterans Administration?  I am
    sick of this less than half life I endure each day.  I bet this Got your Back program is another
    program ONLY FOR Vietnam Vets or Gulf War Vets. 
    I am neither, so none of these groups advertised on TV are able to help
    me, a Cold War Vet.  They are all SCAMS!!!

    • DRailroad

      Hope you were able to get answers to your questions. However, doesn’t sound as though you even tried to reach out to the Vietnam Veterans of America NOR any of its members.

      A majority, if not all, of us are focused on helping ALL Veterans! In fact, we have had Cold War Veterans who have joined as members of Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America.

      Again, hope you were able to get answers to your questions, but rather than deriding other Veterans’ organizations and Veterans, if you haven’t received the support you alleged you asked for, why not try ASKING a VVA member or Vietnam Veteran for information and feedback. And if that Veteran should happen to not have the answers you’ve been looking for, for the past 27 years (?!), then ask that Veteran WHO you could talk to. You’d be surprised that it really doesn’t require that much effort, if any at all … if you just ask!

  • ServingProject

    In 2004, Serving Project was conceived, and we reach out to those who have served. Please, never give up. There are those of us out here whose heart is true, and whose purpose is to serve you. Thank you for your service.

  • Michelec

    Please tell me how many veterans live in Texas (an estimate is o.k.) and how many VA hospitals there are in Texas?

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    I’d like to work with Wounded Warriors, returning Vets, active duty personnel and their respective dependents by offering ADR [Alternative Dispute Resolution] services such as Mediation, Arbitration and Fact Finding…………at a greatly reduced fee from my norm


    I neglected to state that my Mediation, etc. practice is limited to Northern California.
    That would be the area from Woodland, CA to Modesto, CA.