Chili Cook-Off to Benefit Warrior Gateway

Warrior Gateway is honored to be the benefiting charity for the “Annual DC Wild Card Chili Cook Off” in Washington, D.C. on January 7th, 2012.  Starting on the first weekend of the NFL playoffs, chili and football fanatics can gather at the Union Pub, eat chili, watch football; all for a great cause.  Building off a great event last year, this year will have more chili contestants and even more drink specials.  Again, all proceeds will go to Warrior Gateway, to help our mission of connecting military, veterans, and their families to the resources and information they need.  Tweet this, post on your Facebook, tell your friends!

Where: Union Pub, Washington, D.C

When: January 7, 2012 4pm-8pm

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Like Chili and Football? Cook-Off will benefit military, veterans, and their families. Learn more: @WarriorGateway

Warrior Gateway Helps Connect Military and Civilian Communities During Veterans Day Events

Warrior Gateway partnered with ServiceNation and local organizations to host three of the eleven 11/11/11 Mission Serve projects nationwide.  The projects brought together the civilian and military communities through volunteerism and service.  Celebrities, professional sports teams, and others helped make these 11 nationwide projects memorable.  Members of the Warrior Gateway team helped coordinate and host projects in Seattle, Tucson, and Denver.  All three events were a great success; with volunteers of all ages and background joining together for a day of service.  The purpose of these events coincide directly with the mission at Warrior Gateway: connecting the military community and their families to meaningful resources in their local communities.  Helping the military community connect with their local community is essential for a successful transition.  The Warrior Gateway team was honored to partner with ServiceNation and others for these signature events.

Tucson, Arizona

The Tucson project brought together the civilian community, military and vetereans alike.  Volunteers gathered at Tucson Mountain Park to perform various community services including buffel grass removal, trail work, litter clean-up and mural painting.  ”I couldn’t imagine a better turnout for Tucson,” said Tabitha Cooper, Community Partnership Manager at Warrior Gateway, and coordinator of the event. “I saw veterans, active duty service members and civilians working together as a whole; serving alongside one another to better our community.  It was truly a beautiful event and I cherish days like this.”  Tabitha’s husband currently serves in Afghanistan, which makes events such as this close to her heart.  Photos from the event.

Seattle, Washington

In Seattle, Warrior Gateway joined Veterans Conservation Corps, and the Sierra Club for the second annual Veterans Day at Hamm Creek Estuary event.  For the past two decades Hamm Creek has been transformed into a more natural setting, in addition it has been a focal point in veteran healing and transition.  Volunteers showed up in great numbers, despite a steady rainfall in Seattle.  A little damp weather did not deter members of the military community, veterans, and civilians to join together for a morning of beautifying the already stunning Hamm Creek Estuary.  ”It was an honor to be involved with a project such as this on Veterans Day,” said Mike Broom, Marketing Manager at Warrior Gateway.  ”Seeing the multitude of volunteers come together, both military and civilian, and work side by side despite rainy weather was an amazing experience.  Weather could not put a damper on the dedication and strength of those in attendance.”  Photos from the event.

Denver, Colorado

The third event featured volunteers from all backgrounds (active duty, veterans, military families, civilians) come together to clean up the Cherry Creek Trail in Denver.  Volunteers helped Denver Parks by collecting over 20 bags of debris along the trail, replacing wire around trees, and painting a bridge.  ”As coordinator for the event, it was wonderful to see relationships being built during the three-hour service project at Cherry Creek,” said Nathalia Magri, Community Partnership Manager at Warrior Gateway.  ”By the end of the day everyone was exchanging contact information, and the non-profits involved had a chance to inform those in attendance of their services offered.”  Photos from the event.

Please check out all of the photos from the event on our Facebook page.  Share with others, and share with us what you think!

Warrior Gateway Partnering With ServiceNation For Veterans Day Service Projects Nationwide

Warrior Gateway is honored to partner with ServiceNation and others for 11/11/11 service projects nationwide.  As a part of ServiceNation Mission Serve initiative, 11 major U.S. cities will host 11 large scale service events on Veterans Day.  These events will bring together the civilian and military communities through service and volunteerism.

Members of the Warrior Gateway team will be helping host 3 of the 11 service projects in: Denver, Tucson, and Seattle.  Leading the coalition of local partners, Warrior Gateway is excited to help connect the civilian and military communities, which is an essential part of successful transitions for our veterans and their families.

Check out more information on each of the 3 projects below.  To see all 11 of the ServiceNation Mission Serve 11/11/11 events, click here.

Help share these opportunities with your friends, and spread the word on Twitter and Facebook.  Lets make this Veterans Day a memorable one nationwide!


Seattle, WA – See event flyer

On 11/11/11, join the Veterans Conservation Corps, the Sierra Club, Warrior Gateway and Service Nation for the second annual Veterans Day at Hamm Creek Estuary event.  For the past two decades Hamm Creek has been transformed into a more natural setting, in addition it has been a focal point in veteran healing and transition.    Today Hamm Creek is home to several species of wildlife including Beaver, Bald eagle, Osprey, and Salmon.  Hamm Creek Estuary embodies the struggles veterans face in their transition into civilian life and the promise of a better tomorrow through hard work, perseverance and teamwork.  Through this project we hope to build a stronger community, one blackberry and one volunteer at a time.  Anyone is welcome to join us beginning at 10am, with work starting at 11.

When: Friday, November 11, 2011 ~ 10 am

Where: 10000 W. Marginal Pl S.Seattle WA, 98108


Denver, CO – See event flyer

ServiceNation is proud to join Warrior Gateway, Sierra Club, Veterans Green Jobs, Phoenix Multisport, Colorado Hire Patriots, and Denver Parks and Recreation in a signature community service project that will allow the civilian and military communities of the Greater Denver Area to come together through shared service.  Volunteers will participate in debris removal and park restorations along one of the most visited trails in Denver – Cherry Creek Trail.


When: Friday, November 11, 2011 ~ 9:30am – 12:30pm

Where: Cherry Creek Trail Meet up location: Behind Cherry Creek Mall (Bed, Bath & Beyond)


Tucson, AZ – See event flyer

In Tucson, Arizona, ServiceNation is pleased to partner with Southwest Conservation Corps, REI, Pima County Natural Resources Parks and Recreation, and Sonoran Arthropod Studies Institute for a signature project.  ServiceNation is proud to join host a project on our local public land Tucson Mountain Park that will allow the civilian and military communities to come together through shared service.  SCC will host 50-100 volunteers from Tucson, Davis Monthan Air Force Base, Fort Huacachua, and Pima County employees to work on trails in Tucson Mountain Park west of Tucson.  Volunteers will participate in four projects:  Trailwork, buffelgrass removal, painting, litter pick-up of area recreation sites and trails.

When: Friday, November 11, 2011 ~ 8:00am to 1:00pm

Where: Tucson Mountain Park, Sonoran Arthropod Studies Institute



Sea of Goodwill Series: Navigating the Sea of Goodwill

This week’s guest blogger is Bill Salesky, a Senior Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton and an enlisted member of the Air Force Reserve. In this blog, Bill shares his thoughts on the resources needed for the transition home.

Like many other Americans, I know those who have been deployed overseas – they are friends; they are classmates; they are colleagues.  One needs only turn on the television or read a newspaper to see the stories about service men and women on their second or third tour of duty.  Some are active duty, some are reservists like me, and some are National Guard.  What they all have in common is that they left their families and “normal lives” for months at a time to answer America’s call to duty.

Upon their return, veterans and their families have a variety of needs as they work to re-integrate into each local community.  The navigation of the 400,000 nationwide organizations supporting and providing resources to the veteran community is no simple task.  An example of how overwhelming it can be to find a specific resource across the extensive amount of resources can be illustrated through a veteran’s search of the phrase “post traumatic stress disorder.”  This disorder is one of the more common afflictions after military service abroad.  This key phrase yields over 5 million results and does not quickly get the veteran to the answers or resources he/she needs.

To better support our veterans and their families, it is imperative to have a platform dedicated to nothing more than navigating the vast array of resources and services available to their needs.  There needs to be one additional resource which is the connection and portal to link the other 400,000 resources while addressing the needs of the veteran community.

Bill Salesky

Sr. Airman, U.S. Air Force Reserve

Facebook Twitter

Sea of Goodwill Series: The inTransition Program: Maintaining Continuity of Care through Transitions

The transition to civilian life for service members can be complicated, and if they are also receiving mental health treatment, the challenges multiply. They can find themselves wondering, “How do I continue with my treatment? What support services are available as I transition? Who can I turn to in an emergency?”  The inTransition Program can help answer these and many other questions.

inTransition is a collaboration between the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs to bridge the potential gaps in behavioral health support during transitional periods—gaps that can lead to service members’ disengagement from treatment or deterioration of their health status. The program provides a personal coach who will support the service member through the transitional period and help identify community resources.

Enrollment into the program can be initiated by the service member or through referral from a servicemember’s current provider or case manager. All it takes is one phone call to 1-800-424-7277.

Once servicemembers confirm their participation in the inTransition program, they are connected with a transition support coach, who provides one-on-one support by phone. Coaches help service members connect with their new provider and locate local community resources, support groups, crisis intervention services and other assistance in the servicemember’s new location. Coaches do not replace the functions of case managers, but rather facilitate the access to and utilization of health services.

Our goal is ensure servicemembers continue their care without interruption. Join us Aug. 19, 2010 from 2:30 – 3:00 p.m. (CDT) for free, web-based training on inTransition. To learn more about inTransition, or register for our August webinar, please visit

This post was authored by Dr. Lolita O’Donnell.  Dr. Lolita O’Donnell is the Acting Director of the Clearinghouse, Outreach and Advocacy Directorate at the Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury (