Warrior Gateway & Pin-Ups For Vets Auctioning Off 2012 VW Beetle

“21st Century Calendar Girl Auctions Off 21st Century Beetle To Support Veterans”

Los Angeles, CA – Pin-Ups For Vets and Warrior Gateway have joined forces to raise money for hospitalized Veterans by auctioning off a 2012 VW Beetle given away during Oprah’s final “Favorite Things” show. Inspired by the romance of bygone eras, especially the 1940’s, Gina Elise the 21st Century pin-up girl draws inspiration from the World War II pin-up girls, whose photos and paintings boosted moral for service members fighting overseas.

Starting at 9am PDT on October 17th, interested supporters can bid on the 2012 VW Beetle on eBay Auction.

All proceeds from the sale will be donated to Pin-Ups For Vets, a California registered 501(c)(3) non-profit, that works to improve the quality of life for hospitalized Veterans across the U.S.A. The highest bidder will also get an autographed copy of the 2012 Pin-Ups For Vets calendar in addition to bringing home this special 2012 VW Beetle with a special boxed gift key from Oprah’s “Favorite Things” show.

“We are honored that Pin-Ups For Vets has asked us to join this auction to raise funds for our Veterans” said Devin B. Holmes, CEO of Warrior Gateway. “From providing funding for equipment for spinal cord injury patients in Salt Lake City to supporting the Armed Services YMCA in San Diego, Gina is an example of how one person can impact the Veterans community and is role model for all those who want to know how to give back.”

“I am excited to partner with Warrior Gateway” said Gina Elise, Founder and CEO of Pin-Ups For Vets. “Veterans and their families need better ways to find and connect with support organizations in their local community and Warrior Gateway provides this valuable and free service for them. Our partnership showshow community collaboration is one of the cornerstones to successfully changing how Veterans are supported.”

About Pin-Ups For Vets: Gina Elise, Founder and CEO, has been dubbed the “Calendar Angel”and “The Betty Grable for a new generation” by today’s active duty service members. She is the creator and model in the “Pin-Ups For Vets” calendar fundraiser that supports America’s hospitalized Veterans and recovering troops. In addition to raising funds to support Veterans’ healthcare programs, Gina has made countless personal bedside visits to ill and injured patients in VA and military hospitals across the U.S. and the globe, where she delivers her nostalgic pin-up calendars and posters that are donated by the public. Gina’s nostalgic pin-up calendar draws attention to Veterans’ healthcare, while at the same time honoring the four-year military service of her late grandfather. In 2009, The “Los Angeles Business Journal” and its members honored Gina Elise as “VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR” at their annual “Women Making A Difference”awards ceremony. Pin-Ups For Vets has donated $50,000 to date to expand physical, cognitive, and occupational rehabilitation programs for V.A. and Military hospitals nationwide. Visit the website, www.pinupsforvets.com.

About Warrior Gateway: Founded in 2009, Warrior Gateway connects individuals in the military community with organizations and programs (non-profit, government, educational or employment-related) in their neighborhood that are there to support them. Led by CEO, Devin B.Holmes, Warrior Gateway harnesses state-of-the art technology and community collaboration to help today’s Veterans make better decisions about what service providers they can go to for help, and have a public forum to share their experiences about the quality and effectiveness of those services. This innovation was recognized when Federal Computer Week honored Devin B.Holmes with a Federal 100 award for significant contributions to the Federal IT community. For more information, please visit: www.warriorgateway.org.

Jericho Project: A Blueprint to Aid Homeless Veterans

Jericho Project is a nonprofit that strives to not only end homelessness but also provide individuals with the ability to find their strengths and lead successful lives. The New York-based program combines supportive housing, counseling, family support, job and educational assistance.

Jericho recently launched a Veterans Supportive Apartment Program, housing nearly 200 veterans. The program includes family apartments with easy access to employment and counseling. Jericho’s priorities include increasing permanent supportive housing and expanding veteran’s access to services and employment.

With so many homeless veterans, there is more left to do.  Tori Lyon, Executive Director of Jericho Project said, “The nation’s commitment to its service members, and the families that wait for them, does not end when they return home.”

A federal government’s plan titled Opening Doors: The Federal Strategic Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness aligns with Jericho’s approach. This plan includes offering permanent assistance and creating public and private sector partnerships to make services available to those who need them.

“With Opening Doors, the government has laid out a game plan to help homeless veterans. Now, we’ll need consistent funds and coordinated programs to deliver it,” continued Lyon.

To view the original article, A blue print to aid homeless veteran by Tori Lyon, click here.

If you are looking for services related to housing issues, or homelessness, or employment/training, visit the Warrior Gateway Directory by clicking here.

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Upcoming feature: enhancements to the service provider profile

We’ll soon be adding a few features to the service provider profile page, in order to give users and particularly service providers more ways to communicate and interact. These features will include:

1) an Announcements box, which will allow a service provider to type in a brief message, announcement, fact, description, or whatever else they choose. It’s similar to the ‘say something about yourself’ box on a Facebook profile;

2) a list of Events, which lets a service provider display a list of upcoming events being held at their facility or otherwise hosted by their organization;

3) the ability for a service provider to submit an official response to user reviews left on that service provider’s profile page. The response will appear directly under the review it responds to and will be clearly marked as having come from the service provider; and

4) the ability for users to mark reviews with a thumbs-up or thumbs-down, to signify whether they find the review useful or not. We will eventually allow you to view reviews by a ranking of their usefulness.

Watch out for these features at the end of April. We think they’ll help make the service provider profile page do more for our users. If you have any features you’d like to see built into the profile page (or any other area of the site), please let us know!

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Why you, a service provider, should use the Warrior Gateway Directory

The Warrior Gateway Directory allows users in the military community to easily find the resources they need. However, it is also a tool which makes it easy for service providers to interact with their clients and stakeholders. We know there are a lot of sites out there that list information, resources, and service providers for the military community…

So why should you, a service provider with limited time and resources, use the Warrior Gateway Directory?

1) It allows you to easily communicate important information with your client base in the military community. We list basic but necessary information about service providers (where you’re located, what you do, how to get in contact with you, etc.), which you can edit once you claim your profile. We are also developing more advanced ways to communicate via your service provider profile, such as an Announcements box, an Events Calendar, the ability to post the need for volunteers or emergency donations, plus more.

Why use the Warrior Gateway to communicate rather than relying only on traditional channels like your own website? We are building a single, central place for users who are looking for information about service providers; it makes it easier for the user if he or she can find information about ten organizations in one place rather than on those ten organizations’ separate websites.

2) You can easily find out what your clients are saying and thinking about you. We allow users to leave ratings and reviews for service providers they have used. This can help you to discover areas which are in need of attention or improvement in your organization’s provision of services. Think of it as an online comment box.

3) You can interact by commenting back. If a user posts a review for your organization, you can post an official reply which will be displayed directly below the user’s comment. This will allow you to directly and publicly address the user’s concerns (or thank them for their praise!). We think this will create an open forum that will be good for transparency.

4) It provides a unique metric of success for stakeholders, especially donors. Knowing what clients think about a service provider can be more illustrative than traditional financial metrics used for non-profits, such as program expenses and revenue, when measuring an organization’s success and effectiveness. We’d like your success as a provider of services to the military community to be told not just through your financials but through the words and stories of those whose lives you affect with your service. This will have major implications for the way donors measure your success as the ‘ratings-and-reviews’ model becomes more prevalent in the non-profit community.

5) It’s a good way to discover and get in touch with other organizations doing work similar to yours. Just as our users in the military can use the Warrior Gateway Directory to seek out organizations near them, so too can you! This should be useful for coordination and referrals, and also for sharing resources and best practices with organizations like yours. We are also looking into building an online forum for discussion and resource-sharing between service providers.

We are confident that the Warrior Gateway Directory is a tool that will help service providers communicate with their clients, stakeholders, and other service providers. To use the Warrior Gateway, get started by finding your organization’s listing in the Directory and claiming it. If you can’t find a listing for your organization, you should add it to the Directory. You can then verify or edit the information we have listed for your organization, and respond to any comments left by users on your profile page. Also, be sure to tell your clients about your profile on the Warrior Gateway and suggest they log on and leave a rating and review about you.

If you have any further questions about how you can start using the Warrior Gateway to the fullest advantage of your organization, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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How to Use the Warrior Gateway, Part III: Claiming your Profile

We built the Warrior Gateway to be useful not only to the military community but also to service providers. A service provider can ‘claim’ its profile on the Warrior Gateway, which gives it administrative control over the profile. This means the service provider can edit its contact info and organization description (and soon we will be adding a feature in which a service provider can make official replies to any comments left about it by users). We think this will be useful to service providers, as it will provide an easy way for them to communicate with their client base, thus improving outreach, transparency, and responsibility.

Claiming your profile is easy– just follow these steps:


Check to see that your organization is already listed on the Warrior Gateway. You can do so by going to the Directory homepage, typing your organization’s name into the search bar, and clicking ‘Search.’

If an entry for your organization doesn’t come up in the search results, that means your organization isn’t yet in our Directory. If not, you’ll need to add it. To do so, follow these instructions.

If your organization does come up in the search results, click on it.

Search to see if your organization is already listed in the Warrior Gateway


This will take you to your organization’s profile page. To the right of your organization’s name you will find a link that says ‘Is this your organization?’. Click that link. Note that you will have to be logged in to claim a profile– thus if you have not yet registered for an account on the Warrior Gateway, you must do so.

Click to claim your profile


You will be taken to a page which explains that you should actually be affiliated with an organization to claim its profile. When you click the ‘Claim’ button, you will be sent a confirmation email. If we already have an email address on file for your organization, the confirmation email will be sent that address. If we do not have an email address on file, the confirmation email will be sent to the email address you used to register your account on the Warrior Gateway. Click the ‘Claim’ button to proceed.

Click on the 'Claim' button to claim your profile


You will receive a confirmation email. Open this email and click the link that says ‘Confirm this Action.’

Click to confirm your email address


You will be taken to the ‘Edit Profile’ page, where you can verify or edit the information we currently have listed for your organization, or add additional information. Clicking the tabs at the top (‘Eligibility’ and ‘Organization Information’) will allow you to add additional information. When you are finished, click the ‘Save and claim’ button at the bottom of the screen.

Verify or add information to your organization's listing


A confirmation page will come up letting you know any changes you made were saved. Click on the ‘Go to Service Provider’ button at the bottom.

Click to proceed


The now-claimed profile page for your organization will be shown. A couple of things change about the profile page now that you have claimed it (provided that you are logged in).

First, there is now an ‘Edit’ link below your organization’s name. Clicking it will take you to the screen seen in Step 5.

Second, below the ‘Edit’ link is a box which states the username of the user who has claimed the organization’s profile (in this case, it should be your username). This is visible to all users.

Changes to the claimed service provider profile

And that’s all there is to it! Be sure to contact us if you have any problems when claiming your profile.


  • Currently, a single user can only claim the profile of one service provider. To claim the profile of another service provider you work for, you must register another account, then log in as that second user.
  • If you see your organization’s profile page has already been claimed by a user, try asking around among your co-workers to see if it wasn’t claimed by someone else from your organization. If you believe that it was claimed by someone unaffiliated with your organization, you should flag your organization. To do so, go to your organization’s profile page and click ‘flag this provider’ at the bottom of the page. Select ‘Dispute of Claimed Profile’ from the dropdown and enter in a short description in the comments box. We will then investigate the issue.

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