Warrior Gateway Announces the G.I. Network: A Nation of Support. One Network


Washington, DC – Today, Warrior Gateway announces the G.I. Network: A Nation of Support. One Network, the largest free network available designed to connect hundreds of thousands government programs and vetted non-profits, with the millions of veterans in the US.

Available in January 2012, the G.I. Network will connect veterans and their families with more than 220,000 government and non-profit organizations as well as with each other.  The G.I. Network has been piloted over the last year with several Warrior Gateway non-profit and government partners to provide a collection of free tools and services to help veterans and military families find and connect with education, employment, health and wellness programs.

“Warrior Gateway has a history of providing innovative technology solutions designed to help veterans and their families,” said Devin B. Holmes, CEO of Warrior Gateway.  “Veterans tell us that there are too many disconnected resource websites.  The G.I. Network is the game changer that solves this problem.  It provides a solution to network all those resource websites and help people connect in a meaningful way.  Developed in response to the Joining Forces initiative, the G.I. Network helps each of us connect with veterans and their families in our communities.”

The G.I. Network will launch in January 2012. For more information about participating and to be notified of the public launch, please visit: www.GINetwork.org.

About G.I. Network: A Nation of Support. One Network.: Publicly launching January 2012, the G.I. Network connects hundreds of thousands non-profits and government programs as well as millions of veterans under one network.  A program of Warrior Gateway, the G.I. Network harnesses state-of-the art technology to create the largest free network for today’s veterans to connect in their local community.

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$333,000 Utility Jobs Grant to Aid Fresno Veterans

The Fresno Regional Workforce Investment Board received a $333,000 grant from the California Employment Development Department.  This grant will be put towards expanding a training program that lets veterans acquire skills to become utility workers.

The grant supports the many partnerships that have been established to make this effort a success.  The Fresno City College, Sacramento’s American River College, the Sacramento Employment and Training Agency, and the Pacific Gas and Electric Company PowerPathway utility training program work together to train veterans for the utility workforce.

Blake Konczal, Executive Director of the workforce investment board said, “Fresno and surrounding counties have a wider percentage of local men and women who choose to go into the military, so it’s a huge local issue for us to help them find good jobs when they come home.”

The grant will also allow for training for 50 veterans to prepare to apprentice field positions within the industry. 

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Are You a New Jersey Veteran Who Is Having Trouble Finding the Right Support You Need?

Many veterans in New Jersey raised concerns about not having easy access to services and organizations which address their needs.  To address this issue, the 12th District legislators held a Veteran’s Benefits and Services Conference on July 14.

Jennifer Beck, New Jersey State Senator who attended the conference said, “After visiting the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) the one thing I kept hearing from the veterans I was speaking with was that they did not know how to access the programs that exist to help them.  The thought was to bring the services to the people who need them, and who, frankly, have earned them.”

A few of the organizations on-hand to support during the conference included the State Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, Brookdale Community College Veterans Support Group, and the Division on Aging, Disabilities and Veterans’ Interment.

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To view the Examiner’s article, Legislators Want Veterans to Know Help is Available, on the July 14th Veteran’s Benefits and Services Conference click here.

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State considers veteran bonuses

Faced with a number of problems and delays in the disbursement of veterans benefits from the VA, the state of Ohio is considering taking matters into their own hands. The proposed amendment to the state constitution, Issue 1, would allow the state to borrow over $200 million in order to grant one-time bonuses to veterans of Iraq, Afghanistan, or the Gulf War residing in Ohio. The amendment will be put to the vote in the November 3 election.

The issue has broad support from all parts of the political spectrum. Jim Gravelle, spokesman for the Ohio Department of Veterans Services, described it as a “chance to say thank you to a veteran.”

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